President ~ Lauren Williams

Lauren is a Junior Electrical and Computer Engineering Major. She went Greek to become more involved during her time at Rutgers, and and to make a large school feel more like home. Through greek life, she has made friends that will last a lifetime and has become more involved than she ever thought possible. She’s so excited to be able to lead the wonderful Panhellenic Community in the upcoming year! 


Office Hours: Mondays, 10AM - 12PM

Vice President of Finance and Communication ~ Rebecca Padersky

Rebecca is a junior, double majoring in Genetics and Psychology. She never thought she would go Greek, but she has truly found her home within the Panhellenic community. Being a part of this organization has made a huge school feel so much smaller, allow for more involvement with incredible causes and inspired her to embody the values of Panhellenic and greek life as a whole.


Office Hours: Fridays, 2 - 4PM

Vice President of Recruitment ~ Victoria Sidorakis

She's a junior double majoring in Human Resource Management and Labor Studies & Employment Relations. Victoria went Greek as a freshman when she found her home and her best friends! Joining Greek life has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in her college career. 


Office Hours: Wednesdays, 3 - 5PM

Vice President of Programming ~ Sophia Botti

Sophia is a junior with a double major in Political Science and Women's & Gender Studies. She's an out of state student from Ojai, California and decided to go to Rutgers because she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and try something different. She decided to go Greek because she wanted to connect with more people and find a home away from home. Through Greek life she has had the chance to make friendships that will last her a life time, while also connecting with some of the most influential people in her life. She is so excited to help plan events for Greek life and hopes to build an even stronger community here at Rutgers.


Office Hours: Fridays, 12 - 2PM

VP of Community Enrichment ~ Michaela Mason

Michaela is majoring in Economics and concentrating in Finance. She joined her freshman year because she wanted to continue making a difference and helping others in our philanthropic community. Going Greek has opened so many doors and helped her become the best version of herself. She is so excited to begin working with all the Panhellenic women and expand the sisterhood! 


Office Hours: Tuesdays, 1 - 2:40 PM