Gamma Phi Beta

Location: 4 Mine Street, New Brunswick

Capacity: 31


WiFi provided


Washer/Dryer, no additional cost per load

Alarm System

Park available, determined by point system

Meal Plan: No

Live in Policy: Any elected positions are to live in the chapter housing facility unless excused by regional coordinator and chapter advisor.

a) All excused members must be excused before accepting the slate. 

b) If the elected House Manager does not reside in the house at the time of elections, an assistant house manager will be appointed who currently lives in the house.

Minimum GPA requirement to join: 2.5

Membership Finances/Dues:

New Member:

Local Panhellenic Fees: $32.00 per year

National Dues/Fees: $575

Membership Fees = $150 (1st installment $50, 2nd installment $100) 

International Building Fee = $25 

Local Building Fee = $300

Badge = $100


Live In Members:

Per Capita National Dues/Fees: $531.00 per semester

Room and Board: $780 per month

Security Deposit: N/A

Parlor Fees: N/A

Building Fund/Capital Improvement: N/A

Live Out Members:
National Dues/Fees: $531

Chapter/Social Fees: Included in above amount 

Parlor Fees: $125

For more information about Gamma Phi Beta contact:

President Caitlyn Ford: