A Letter to the Parents

Dear Parents,

Fraternities and sororities were founded on four basic principles: leadership, scholarship, service, and friendship. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs assists fraternities and sororities as they strive to fulfill these basic principles. Rutgers University fraternities and sororities provide that "home away from home" that makes a large campus such as ours seem more manageable. We write to share our belief in what Fraternity/Sorority Life can provide for members of our campus community, and also to share expectations with you that we have of our students.

Our office encourages a well-rounded experience for our students, and one way to promote this is campus involvement. Involvement in other student groups is encouraged within many of our chapters, and the percentage of students involved in an activity other than their fraternity or sorority is quite high. All Greek societies were founded primarily to encourage academic achievement, and today's fraternity and sorority members are no exception. The All Fraternity/Sorority Average continues to remain above the All-University average. The students take great pride in this, and they have taken great strides to ensure the future academic success of their members. We give credit to our governing councils for rewarding their member chapters for academic achievement. One of the many benefits of joining a national fraternity or sorority is the financial support and scholarships available through the national foundations of each organization. Many of our students are awarded thousands of dollars each year for their academic success.

Community service and philanthropy is another strength of our Greek Community. Rutgers Greeks continually contribute approx. 3000 hours of community service in the New Brunswick area each semester while spending over 6500 hours raising money for various charities. Fraternity and sorority members raise approx. $10,000 for charity each semester as well. Additionally, one of our most popular activities has been the Dance Marathon. Students raised over $45,000.00 in 1999 and over $65,000.00

Membership dues, which are paid every semester from the time students join their chapters until they are no longer undergraduates at Rutgers, cover such expenses as scholarship incentives, leadership initiatives, national dues, liability insurance, intramural supplies, and social expenses. In addition to dues, a one-time initiation fee levied on each member pays for a membership certificate and pin, and for some, a lifetime subscription to the national magazine. Members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council pay dues for the rest of their lives, or can choose to pay a one-time post graduate lifetime membership fee.

Educational seminars are offered for new members. Seminar topics include time management, alcohol and hazing issues, and study skills, to name a few. We hope that these programs not only communicate our expectations at Rutgers, but also prepare our members for life beyond college. Educational seminars are also offered for initiated members, and these topics cover more broad leadership focuses.

No student should ever be subjected to any form of hazing. Rutgers has a strict policy against hazing for all student groups. We aggressively pursue any reports of violations. If you have concerns about hazing, please call us at 848-932-7692. Our ability to stop inappropriate behavior increases dramatically when we know of problems early on. So please call our office if you are at all concerned about activities that you feel may be questionable.

We are proud of the positive influence that fraternities and sororities have on their members. Please feel free to call on us as we work to provide a safe and high-quality undergraduate Greek experience for all our members. If you ever want to learn more about Greek Life, please feel free to call us at 848-932-7692 or stop by our office at 17 Bartlett Street, College Avenue Campus.

JoAnn M. Arnholt, Dean of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
Amy Vojta, Asst. Dean of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs