Dear Future Panhellenic Women,

Welcome! Let me start by telling you that you are about to embark on an incredible journey as you start to discover the amazing opportunities that Rutgers Greek Life has to offer. If you are looking to get involved at a big university, joining Greek life is the perfect way to make a huge school feel like home.

We are the Panhellenic Council: a community of 10 organizations and over 1,400 women. We dedicate ourselves to upholding our 4 pillars of scholarship, leadership, service, and friendship for life in all of our endeavors. By embracing our values, we strive to better ourselves, our campus, and even the world. The Panhellenic community fosters individual and organizational growth, helping our women engage in success long after our undergraduate careers.

Our community is diversified in many different cultural aspects and by each individual’s unique experiences, but we are all unified in the sisterhood we share. I hope you take advantage of the endless opportunities the Panhellenic community has to offer, because I can honestly say that because of Greek life and the people who embody it, that I am the well-rounded woman I am today.

There is a place for every woman at Rutgers here in Greek life, and I cannot wait to help you find yours! So go out and discover what Greek life means to you. Our community is continuously growing, and I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for all of you women who will choose to be part of it.

“Our sisterhood is not a destination, but a journey.”

Victoria Sidorakis

Vice President of Recruitment

Sorority Stories 

 "I went Greek because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. Greek life at Rutgers provides the opportunity for students to give back to the people of New Brunswick and Rutgers in ways they didn't know were possible. As a member of the Greek community, I wanted to find a place to call home, make connections, and expand my horizons. All of which wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't made the decision to go Greek and I'm proud of that choice every day."

~ Brooke

"I joined Greek life because my older sister was in SDT and instantly got me interested in it. I love helping people and because Greek life entails doing a lot of philanthropic work, I knew it was right for me. I've grown so much as a person by being a member of Sigma Delta Tau, it's an experience I'll never forget."

~ Chrissy

"I never planned on joining Greek life but after transferring to Rutgers I felt a bit lost at such a huge school. I ended up joining a sorority and was introduced to so many Greek women who shared similar interests and values with me, and was able to find my niche within Rutgers."

~ Erin

"I joined Greek life because I had a really bad freshman first semester, and I was lonely! In high school my cross country team was a tight knit group so I had these best friends I'd see every day and I wanted the same thing in college, and being in a sorority helped me achieve kind of the same feeling because I met this group of best friends that I can't imagine not having. And all of my sisters are so wonderful, I love seeing familiar faces on campus and just feeling more like Rutgers is where I belong!"

~ Allie


What are the benefits of Greek Life? 

Academic Support & Excellence: All Greek organizations at Rutgers require a minimum GPA to be considered for active membership. To accommodate this requirement, many chapters provide study groups, incentives and rewards, study sessions or mentoring programs. Thanks, in part to the chapter’s academic goals and these programs, the Panhellenic sorority average GPA is above the All-Women’s GPA, and the IFC fraternity average GPA is above the All-Men’s.

Lifelong Friends: College is a time to develop lasting friendships and meaningful relationships. Greeks share great moments and challenges during their college years. Having a support system of brothers and sisters eases the transition to post-graduate life, and gives members a family away from home.

Career Networking: All inter/national sororities and fraternities have networking systems in place to help members connect to others in their career path. Local alumni associations are great contacts for internships, references, and prospective job interviews.

Community Service & Philanthropy: Every Greek organization at Rutgers were created to include service to others. Each year Rutgers Greeks raise money and hold events to benefit national and local philanthropies. Each organization also requires volunteer hours from members.